Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tizer Gardens Are Fantastic

I have often gone to the arboretums in the Raleigh-Durham area over the years.  Walking through the wonderful flowering plants and trees was always so peaceful and yet, invigorating.  I had seen signs for Tizer Gardens and read about them in a guide book or two, but it wasn't until yesterday I decided to make the short trip and explore.  I do have to preface this with a note that they are not a 'public' garden, in that they are supported by funds from somewhere else.  They are a private garden and do charge a small entrance fee of $6.00 a person.  It is money well spent.  Because frankly, if these were my gardens, I would be extremely selfish and keep them all to myself.

I actually decided to go yesterday because I had a question about a plant, but that is another posting.  Since it was suppose to be reasonably cool, Texter, Lady K and I loaded up for the short trip about 20 miles south of Helena.  Very easy to get to, although I did have to giggle, when compared to other gardens I've visited, you end up going down a dirt road for a bit.  But once you get there.....

The gardens are located on the other side of the road from their nursery (which I HAVE to go back to). You know you are in for a treat when the profusion of hanging baskets and climbing roses and vines greet you at the entrance.  We were greeted by a lovely young lady who showed us the gift shop and gave us a map of their extensive walkways.

One of the things I particularly enjoyed about the gardens where their use of whimsy at every turn.  Old arbors, screen doors, old stumps turned into planters were everywhere.  You couldn't rush through the gardens or you might miss something.

Mini-bird house tree in the 'fairy garden' area.  There were mirrors strung which reflected sunlight like disco balls.

A bell sculpture along the pathway.

Texter and Lady K really like where the fairies live.  With the lights reflecting from the mirrors on the birdhouse tree, it looks like little fairies flitting here and there.

Right next to the fairies are the gnomes.  Dozens and dozens of gnomes.  We were giggling because Savvy hates gnomes and she wouldn't set foot there if we took her.

Prickly Pear Creek runs through the gardens and a nice spot is under the fuchsia plants.

How could you not want to sit there and watch the water go by?

And if you enjoy watching the creek flow by, how about this guy?  I think he has stood there a little too long.

Since I have moved to Montana I am having to relearn a bit about gardening with the different seasons. So the vegetable garden area was particularly interesting.  The fact that it was July and they had lettuce going strong, when in North Carolina it would have already bolted a couple of months earlier, was interesting.  Noted for my garden next year.

The whole place had such an English cottage garden feel to it I just wanted to tell Texter to find her own way home, I was staying.

Probably one of my favorite nooks was the 'meditation' area I called it.  Texter wants to bring Lady K back in her fairy outfit because she likes the ground cover there.  I want to sit with Buddha and meditate for awhile.

Needless to say, this will not be my last trip here.  Once the weather cools a bit, I can see spending several hours and lunch time here.  Who wouldn't want to stay as long as possible with views like this?

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