Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Montana State Fair in Great Falls

Being a Marine recruiter, Gibbs was required to assist in manning the booth at the State Fair this past weekend.  And wanting to see more of what goes on in Montana, Texter, Lady K and I attended the fair twice.  The first was opening night (Friday) and the camera ate my pictures.  Then we went again on Sunday, both to get more pictures and to see Gibbs.

Normally I am a 'no crowds' sort of person.  I have experience with the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh and it is shoulder to shoulder most of the time.  Unless you go early on a Sunday morning and then you can beat the crowd.  But opening night! Forget it.

Crowds, or lack thereof, didn't bother Lady K

While small and definitely no crowds, the Montana State Fair is fun.  Without all the crowds we were able to stroll around and look at exhibits and really enjoy ourselves.  I will have to admit we did indulge in a lot of "if this was in North Carolina" during our two visits.

The noticeable difference to me was the small showing at the exhibits for cooking and needlework items.  What was there was good, but I really expected a lot more.

Jams and Jellies (the whole exhibit)

Needlework and Sewing

One good thing about the size and the lack of crowds was that I was able to meet the head of the "Household" department and I just might be doing more than entering jams, jellies and needlework next year.  But we will see.

One of the more interesting exhibits was the Montana Wildlife Department and their display.  Lots of taxidermy (and they love their taxidermy here) and tons of posters and pamphlets (and you know I love my freebies!)

Nice kitty, kitty.

I was a little upset we didn't see the quilting on Friday night.  However, when we went back on Sunday we did find the building with the quilting in it.  I am use to see quilts out the door and in piles because they had too many.  Here, there were probably a couple dozen.  But those that were there were really nice.

Mariner's Compass

This is the Mariner's Compass pattern I am currently working on.  Of course, my colors are completely different.  We will see if it looks this nice when finished.

And on Sunday we did we our livestock to a certain degree.

There was this horse team and then a wagon drawn by a pair of mules which circled the main area of the fair.  Made me so want a horse again.

Lady K was whispered the secrets of good showmanship by this little goat.  I can't wait until next year when she is a little more aware of what is going on. 

Baby goat meets Lady K.  They are both about the same age.

All in all, the Montana State Fair is fun and worth a stroll through.  Since the crowds were virtually nonexistent, I will definitely be looking forward to going again next year.  

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