Monday, March 4, 2013

Go West, go West!

About 10 months ago I signed the paperwork to say I was leaving the company.  They were offering a buy-out, I was turning 55 and it seemed like the thing to do to save what little sanity I had left.  After all, I don't think leaving after almost 34 years is really cutting and running.

Then Texter got pregnant and Gibbs changed the area of the Marines he would be working in.  I knew that after his training in January/February they would be moving to his new posting, but I thought (and so did they) it would be somewhere on the East coast.  I also knew that the baby, KB, would be arriving about the time they needed so move, so I backed up my vacation to the out date the company set so I could help them with KB and the move.

My plans were the find a part-time job, finish up my schooling, do a lot of needlework and artwork and make occasional trips to see them.  Well.......

Yep, that's right Montana is where Gibbs, Texter and KB will be spending the next 3 years!


Let's see, they will be on the Western side of the United States.  Savvy is on the Western side of the United States.  I am only renting......

We are all going (except Savvy) to Montana!  That's right, this born and bred and raised Southern gal is heading to Big Sky Country.  Where there is real snow.

What were the first things I googled about Great Falls, Montana?  Do they have Starbucks?  Are there quilting/needlework/knitting stores?  Do they have Mexican food there?  And the answer was yes, so I'm going too.

We have a house we are renting.  I'm sharing house and expenses so they can get into a house with the baby and dogs.  I'll help with KB and still do my schooling since it's online and will probably get a part time job there too.

But I have a list of places I want to explore there.  The scenery is right up my little camera clicking alley.

I have put a couple of rules for myself...

1.  I will not say "that's not how we do it where I come from...."
2.  I will explore!
3.  If they don't have sweet ice tea, I can make my own. 

So here is where I will be writing and showing photos for my new life in Montana.  It should be exciting!