Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hauser Dam on Saturday

Last Saturday, we loaded up to head to Gate to the Mountains.  Planning on doing a little hiking.  However, once we got there, unless we had a boat, there was no way to see the "Gates".  A little check on the old cell phones and we decided to drive over to Hauser Dam.  (I have this thing about dams.)

To get to this dam, it was a drive down a very narrow, gravel road with a drop off to the lake on one side.  However, I do know several places to go fishing now when I get me some fly fishing equipment. This area is definitely not a cane pole and worm fishing area.

Gibbs, Texter, Lady K and I walked down a trail from the top of the dam to the bottom and then along the river a bit.  As usual, the scenery was remarkable.

We had tall cliffs on one side and the river on the other.  Unfortunately, once we got down by the river, the rocks made walking a little treacherous.  And I am too busy taking in the scenery, flowers and wildlife to really pay much attention to where my feet go.

Wild flowers, butterflies and birds made the walk enjoyable.  My new favorite bird are the magpies.  This couple were on the other side of a fence dividing the trail at one point from part of the dam area.  They weren't really concerned we were walking right up to them.  And while there is not the white honeysuckle I am use to, there seems to be this smaller, pink honeysuckle.  Of course, nothing compares to the lilacs which are everywhere.

Gibbs decided to do a little rock climbing.  Texter and Lady K sat that exercise out.

Despite being carried the whole time, the little hiking we did tired Lady K out.  And the back pack carrier she was in was making both her and Texter a little hot.  So Gibbs took up 'toting' duty.  Unfortunately, Gibbs wouldn't carry me across the dam.  I don't like heights and just stared straight across and walked fast.  I did stop long enough to photograph the lake behind the dam.

How could you not want to spend the day on the lake with this kind of scenery?

After our little hike at Hauser Dam, we piled back in the car and drove down Recreation Road to Wolf Creek.  This winding road parallels I15 to Great Falls for a ways.  It runs along the creeks and is also some wonderful scenery.  I plan on going back one day and stopping along the way to take pictures of the creek.  

Lunch was eaten in Wolf Creek at this little hole-in-the-wall cafe/bar.  Pretty decent hamburgers and fries.  Overall a nice day before heading home to mow the yard.  

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