Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Birds and Another Non-Bird Animal

On Mother's Day, Texter, Lady K and I dragged Gibbs out to Benton Lake to see all the sights we see. It was a bust for the most part.  The flocks of birds just weren't there.  No deer.  Nothing really exciting, but did manage to capture a couple of gems.

This guy, I have found out, is a White Faced Ibis.  Don't see the white face, but I knew it had to have been a crane or heron-type bird.

And on the lake, I captured this lovely reflection.

I like the fact that the reflection was clear enough to even see their eyes.

Texter was thrilled that she got to see a couple of her non-bird animal, the yellow-bellied marmot.  There were a couple by the lake, along the road and they didn't really seem all that scared of us. 

They are still a little shaggy looking.  I don't think a fur coat of marmot is something of my list of wants.

Last time we were there, we had seen a bunch of pheasants.  However, they were far enough from the road that I didn't really get a picture which shows of the wonderful coloration of the male.  This time I was successful.

Isn't he wonderful!  I can see why people stuffed and displayed them.  He is so luscious.

The ride was a little disappointing, but not a total waste.  And I will return!

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