Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How the Journey Went

First off, I have to say that this cross-country trip was approached with some concern.  Texter was due to deliver Lady KB on the 1st of April.  And here we were starting a 2400 mile trip about 10 days before her due date.  Two cars, 3 dogs, 1 extremely pregnant woman and 2400 miles.....not your typical road trip.

So Day 1 of the trip started out about 6am with a fill up on gas for both vehicles and then hitting the road, hopefully missing the morning rush hour.

This the the picture of the sunrise on my last day in North Carolina.  Well, actually not my last day as I have to go back and pack up my house and have it moved to Montana.  But I am counting 21 March as my last day of living in North Carolina (for tax purposes too!)

The back of the SUV was to be my view for the next hundreds of miles.  With the "wart" on top it was easy to keep track of should I get separated in traffic.  However......

As we were stopping at just about every rest stop for Texter to be able to get out and move around and the dogs to stretch their legs, I knew I just had to make it to the next rest stop if separated.

We didn't have to go far to find snow.  This is a rest stop in the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.  Once we crossed into Tennessee however, the issue wasn't bad weather, but rather bad driving.

We got caught up in a backup due to an accident on the highway.  Since I had the snacks in my car, we did get a stare or two as Gibbs hopped out of his car and grabbed a couple of PB&J sandwiches from me while we were stopped.

Amani used the time to check out the scenery and the back up.  Since we were delivering a set of tires to Gibbs brother in Kansas City, there was room for 2 dogs in the back of the SUV and one rode with me.  We swapped them out as we stopped at the rest stops.  I, personally, think they liked riding with me better because they got treats with me.  But then that is just my opinion. 

Day 1 ended with an overnight in Nashville and a long day on the road to Kansas City the next day. 

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