Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Two

Day 2 of the trip was from Nashville to Kansas City where we were dropping off the tires and seeing Gibb's brother, Older Gibbs.  It was probably the most boring of days driving.

Amani, I think, realized something was definitely up and that the home she knew was behind us.  She spend looking out the back window during her turns with me in the car.

Around the St. Louis area we saw QT stores, so Savvy wasn't far from our thoughts.  We didn't need gas at the time, but we stopped for drinks.  Texter bought a huge QT mug which is in use constantly.  You can never have too much tea.

This is as close to the St. Louis arch as I could get as we whizzed through town.  I was doing one of those things you aren't suppose to in traffic, switching lanes and taking photographs!

But we made it to Kansas City in one piece, met up with Older Gibbs and dropped like flies for the night.

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