Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 4 - The Finale

Day 3 meant arrival late into Rapid City and the 3 of us dropping into bed late and exhausted.  About 3:30am Texter felt compelled to wake me and advise me that I was snoring.  This is only after about 3 hours of sleep.  Then about 4am she announced her water had broken.  So waking Gibbs up, I asked the front desk how to get to the hospital and sent Gibbs and Texter on their way.  Someone had to stay with the dogs.

So "Lady KB" was born at 2:38 pm on the 24th of March, eight days early.  (Of course, these pictures are of her about 1 week and 2 weeks old.)

An extra night was spent by me in Rapid City, before I headed on out to the house to get things unloaded and what little we had with us in the house and to do a grocery run.  The dogs were glad to get there as they now had a yard to run in.  I love it that I don't have to 'leash them up' in order to go pee....just open the back door.

Leaving Rapid City
Couple of things I discovered on the way from Rapid City to Great Falls.  First off, Rapid City was an introduction to the WIND we would be experiencing.  No one said a word about the wind when we were getting ready to relocate.  I mean WIND.  I thought I was use to wind growing up in Texas, but that Texas wind is puny compared to this wind.

Another thing I discovered as I drove through Wyoming and Montana was that I now had a serious need for a John Wayne Western fix.  Or a horse to ride.

So here we are, Gibbs and Texter's stuff is moved in and we are trying to find a schedule for Lady K.  I still have a trip back to North Carolina to pack up my stuff and get it moved out.  But I am loving Great Falls and can't wait for get out with my camera for more pictures.  

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