Friday, August 23, 2013

There Be Dragons!

Or rather salamanders.  Walking the mall on Last Chance Gulch yesterday with Texter and Lady K, I happened to look up rather than into the storefronts and discovered this.

Looked like cavorting dragons to me.  But as it turns out, these are actually fire salamanders and were an advertisement for the insurance company which was originally housed in the building at the turn of the century.

We were there to actually let me take some videos of the mall for a class project (which will be posted later, once finished).  I decided to do it on the pedestrian mall I am loving so much.  It also just happens to end at the library, which means I can make a quick trip to any store while on break.  That could be good or bad for my paycheck.

Anyway, I have to say that Helena has done a great job of keeping the old with the new.  The "Atlas" building still houses businesses, but also has apartments in it.  Who wouldn't want to live where they are protected by these wonderful guys?

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